Saturday, January 23, 2010

Grammy & Grandad's at Christmas


We had a really good time at Grammy and Grandad's. The hot-tub was a blast - especially helpful with Anna's nasty cough.


Anna learned to not fear the dog.


William learned to not fear the dog, too. Becca learned to enjoy the dog unless she moved in any way, then Becca ran from her in terror.


We really enjoyed seeing Craig and Lesley's kids, Enoch and Sarah. They are getting very cute and Becca thought they were a lot of fun.
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Christmas Day 2009


Kip and I didn't get up early enough Christmas morning. William and Anna were forced to wait impatiently for AGES while we finished sleeping in.


They were very happy when we did get up and the unwrapping began.


Becca enjoyed it, too.


We are very grateful to Grammy and Grandad for letting us spend Christmas with them.
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Kaysville Christmas Eve


We went to Kaysville for Christmas eve at the home of my mom, Grammy, who looked like a cheerful Christmas elf that night.



We enjoyed the presence of Uncle Trevor as well as Aunt Janean and Jeremy for the evening.


We all opened some of our gifts that night. The kids weren't very excited by the clothes they opened, but when Janean opened a box full of packing peanuts, oh, and a lamp shade, the evening was saved. The kids spent the rest of the night throwing packing peanuts in the air and having an amazingly good time.

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Salt Lake Christmas

The first part of our trip to Utah was spent at a hotel in downtown Salt Lake. We road Trax around to the Chrildren's Discovery Center and the Planetarium and walked over to see the lights at Temple Square. It was fun to be right in the heart of the city.


Becca found the dollies at the Discovery Center and thought they were all just for her. She loved pushing them around in the stroller and putting them to sleep in their beds.


William and Anna played very well together in the water area and in the building area. William would make new friends and then introduce them proudly to his sister.


Anna discovered the heater in the hotel room and had a blast (haha) letting it blow on her.
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