Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Not the Florida Beach

On Sunday afternoon, the 30th of May, after attending church in Tillamook, we took the kids out to the beach. Anna thought she wanted to swim, but it was a very cold weekend and we tried to discourage her. We finally agreed to let her pull up her leggings and go wading. After playing in the sand for a while, she, William and Kip headed for the water. One step into the waves and she came running back to me on my log. It was COLD. I think she was expecting something more like what we found in Florida. Kip made a deal with the kids to see who could stay in the water the longest. William won and got really wet. Anna wasn't far behind. When they were sufficiently frozen, we trekked back to the beach house and gave them both a warm bath.

William's 7th Birthday

For William's 7th Birthday we rented a house in Pacific City and spent the weekend at the Oregon Coast. Grammy and Grandad came from Utah to enjoy the birthday with us. We drove to the coast Friday afternoon, the 28th of May, and after dropping off our stuff at the house, headed up the road to Roseanna's Cafe in Oceanside. The food was good, but the drive back on windy roads made me sick. I ended up falling victim to the flu for the weekend.

Saturday morning William begged to open his presents. We brought them all out and let him go to it. He got some fun stuff and really was thrilled.

Then, Kip and Grandad took the kids on a walk through the trees behind the beach houses. They loved playing in the trees and climbing them. I stayed home and felt miserable.

Later, the healthy members of the group all went to the pizza place in town. They had a fun lunch.

That evening I felt a little better, so I baked William's birthday cake and made his favorite dinner (stroganoff with the Real Simple recipe that is really very good). We ate almost all the food and cake and William had a really good birthday.