Monday, June 19, 2006

William updates

William is doing some really cute things lately, interspersed with all the really annoying ones that come with being a three-year-old. I thought I'd share some with you.

William has caught on to the "proud of you" comments we make and now likes to turn them back on us. When we do things he likes us to do, he tells us how proud he is. When I made him an apple-juice bottle for bedtime a week ago (before we stopped bottles for good this week) he said to me, "Mommy, I'm so proud of you for making me a bottle." I had to laugh. Yesterday he told me he was very proud of Anna for pulling up to stand at my chair at the table.

He also seems to be stuck on the idea that something he likes is "the best in the world." Of the Costco frozen lasagne I baked for dinner the other night he said, "Lasagne is the best food in the world." The next night it was, "eggs are the best food in the world." He proceeded not to eat much of the eggs, so I'm not sure he really understands what he's saying.

Meanwhile, he can't seem to understand that you can't make five peepees at one time and earn a potty prize. He sits on the potty and asks how many peepees he made. I tell him how many stickers are on his chart and how many more he needs to reach five. Then, he tries to get some more pee out and tells me he just made five peepees and should get his prize.

He's really stuck on the concept of "bad guys" lately. I believe it's something he picked up from a 5-year-old friend. He's always talking about seeing bad-guys in our house and making them dead. OK, this isn't one of the cute things, but I think it is very odd. He also told me and Kip yesterday that he has an orange-haired momma that goes everywhere with him and holds him when I'm not there with him. He calls her his Orange Momma. Do we have any red-haired ancestors who might be guardian-angeling him? Of course, he told me today when we were playing with some Little Mermaid foam waffle blocks that Ariel was the Orange Momma. He used to say Ariel was me...

Friday, June 09, 2006

Sick Sick Sick

We are all currently sick. OK, all but Kip. Anna got a cold Tuesday. I thought it was the one William had recently cast off, but apparently it was a new one. Her fever reached 102 Wednesday. William's is at nearly 103 tonight. And what I thought was just particularly bad hay fever for me has settled into my own version of this miserable spring-time cold. We're not having a good time. William took 2 long naps today. Anna slept for one of them, allowing me to sleep, too. We dirtied every single snot-rag (burp cloth) in the house and I'm doing the laundry now. Every time he sneezed, William would whine until I wiped his nose for him. And coughing made him cry. Then, he would tell me that he was not going to "puke" because that's something he does at night-time. (He had the flu a few weeks ago.) He went to bed OK, thanks to the Triaminic PM he gets to take. And Anna's dosed up with Children's Motrin Cold. Now, I'm off to bed with the nursing mom's version of night-time cold medicine: Tylenol PM + Sudaphed. I think those are all legal nursing drugs...

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Pathologically speaking, "It's notta tuma!"

The pathology report came back this week. It says that Kristin and I are soul-mates! The rubbery ball recently removed from her foot really was a ganglion cyst. The summer before we met I had a ganglion cyst on my left bird finger. Both our doctors said we could leave them unless they started bothering us. Well they bothered and they are gone!