Saturday, September 26, 2009

School Started

I just realized that I never posted about school starting. Oops. William's first day of school was September 8th. William was very excited about going to 'all day' school as a first grader. We packed him a lunch the night before and headed out the door at 8:15 with his sisters in the stroller. At the school, all the kids were being herded into their classrooms by organized moms with cameras. I didn't have mine. Oh well. I checked him in with his teacher and pushed the girls home. At the end of the day (3:00) I was back outside the school to pick him up. All the organized moms were there again with their cameras. Alas, I hadn't thought to bring it then either. So, my picture of William is on his exit from school the second day. But he seemed happy enough then and he didn't look that much different from the day before.

Anna started preschool on the 9th. She was excited to go because she got to have one of the teachers from last year in her new class this year. Of course, I didn't remember the camera at drop-off, but I did manage to get it for pickup.

OMSI September 15th

I took Anna and Becca to OMSI with Jo Istook, Jared and Rachel on Tuesday the 15th. The girls really enjoyed it. William was sad about missing it, but he has enough fun at school that he got over it fairly quickly.

Becca enjoyed getting wet in the water area.

Anna enjoyed playing with "Flubber."

They posed for a nice picture in the little kid soft play zone.

Then Anna decided having pictures of her taken while flying through the air was the best thing ever.

We all had a lot of fun and we intend to go back as often as possible during the rainy winter.

Princess Becca

Becca found one of Anna's old Halloween costumes and decided to try it on. I thought she looked adorable. It's also a nice picture because you can see both her chipped front top teeth. She's into living dangerously.

Bribed with a piece of candy, she let me put the Barbie wig on her head. I couldn't get the camera up fast enough for a great picture but it's nice to get an idea of what she would look like with hair.