Saturday, September 30, 2006

Wee Waffle What?

I found a new friend who loves shopping the discount stores. We went to Back on the Rack together the other day and I saw a lot of fun things. Most were unfortunately overpriced considering they were previously used. But there was one thing I couldn't pass up. The Wee Waffle Castle. I found the Wee Waffle Village at Goodwill last year and William has loved it. Almost as much as Kip and I have loved it. So when I saw the Castle, I couldn't pass it up. We've had a blast building our entire medieval city. I know the cars are out of place, but we love them, too.

Monday, September 25, 2006

McMinville Air Museum

We decided to put off yard work for another weekend and went on Saturday, September 23rd to the McMinville Air Musuem, home of the Spruce Goose. That plane is HUGE. William liked it a lot. He especially liked the children's play area with little planes and training helicopters and computer games where you could crash your own airplane into the ground with flames and smoke and everything. He loves to tell me stories about crashing airplanes all the time now. It's a little unnerving as we get closer to our California trip during which we will ride three separate airplanes.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ye Old Klunker

The Killpack hand-me-down TV finally degraded beyond all hope. For a long time the picture was tilted slightly down to the right. Finally this week, the colors went totally out of whack. All greens turned brown, and every other color was washed out. So naturally we took this as an opportunity to upgrade to a 42" flat screen Plasma HDTV! Whooo!

The colors look awesome! In fact, we realized the colors on the old one have been going bad slowly for the past year or so. We almost feel like we should tone the colors down because Thomas the Tank Engine is so vibrant.

I've been spending hours playing with my "new toy". Kris is getting totally sick of all my geek-speak about HD this, DVR that, HD channels OTA, digital signals, iTV, blah blah blah.

I don't know who is next on the Killpack TV hand-me-down list, but we have your TV in our garage.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Wii not?

Nintendo Wii (pronounced 'Wee' for those who don't know) comes out soon. I wasn't all that interested in one of these at first... mostly because our GameCube sits under the TV gathering dust. But then I saw this movie and became quite interested. Plus I saw the opening game lineup with Zelda, Metroid, Mario, and Wario games that look fun!

So I'm starting a poll - comment your answers.

What do you plan to do concerning the Wii craze?

1) I want to be an owner of one of the targeted 4 million Wii sales in 2006!
2) I'm cheap! I'm waiting for the price slash after competition from PS3 and XBox 360 nearly cripples Nintendo.
3) Wii me? No thanks!
4) Fill in the blank option; for those with a quick wit who want to become famous in the blogosphere.

I'll start with my input: I vote 1.5 because it would be fun to have, but I'm cheap too! So I'm a probably-buy-it-maybe-this-year person.

Family Update

Long overdue, but here we go...

Anna started walking about 2 weeks ago and now she is tearing it up!

We all got sick with a nasty head cold and everyone got better - except that I developed a sinus infection. I realized that I get about 2 sinusitus a year caused by head-colds and I need to talk to the doc about how to prevent it next time. I don't remember getting a lot in Utah - did I ma?

I presented my latest work at DTTC in San Jose (internal Intel conference) a few weeks ago and it went really well.

Kristin starts orchestra again next Tuesday - she is so happy to have some 'away' time.

William is starting pre-school... sort of. Kris is doing a 4-family home-school class about once a week with kids in the neighborhood.

Anna is more vocal about what she wants at dinner. She'll point and say 'dat'. And she shakes her head 'no' if you try to give her the wrong thing.

William loves to build puzzles, legos, block towers, and train tracks. Civil Engineer perhaps?

I removed you all from being members of this blog and opened up comments to anyone with a blogger account - comment to your heart's content!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Watching Birdy

We got to birdsit for my coworker Cathy. She has a lovely green lovebird named Birdy. He is very friendly and very loud. The kids really enjoyed having him here. Especially when they got to spill his seeds all over my floor and shake his cage until I yelled at them.