Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pregnant stick figures

This is my favorite part of the whole birthing experience

Less than 12 hours old and HUNGRY!

The new babe is 3 days early!

Rebecca Jo Killpack was born around 4 AM Jan 26, 2008. She is 7 pounds 15.9 ounces... not even 8 pounds :) She's 21 inches long, with HUGE feet and LONG legs.

Kristin looks great! She's getting bored at the hospital and will come home Sunday or Monday. She took a shower at 10 PM during labor and she was the nicest looking woman in labor I have ever seen!

William and Anna were very cute with the baby!

Actually we had surprise twins...

Almost cracking a smile

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Grandma and Tasha's Visit - Zoo Lights

We waited until Friday night, the 28th of December, to visit the Zoo Lights because it wasn't supposed to rain as much then. It was very cold, but it didn't rain during the first part of our tour. We appreciated that.

We all enjoyed a ride on the zoo train.

And the lights really were very pretty.

Grandma was helpful and pushed Anna in our friend's stroller when their little boy didn't want to be in it.

And here's the family on the way out next to the "Bremen Town Musicians". Anna may be crying in this picture...

We really enjoyed having Grandma and Aunt Tasha with us. We hope they can come again!

Grandma and Tasha's Visit - the Children's Museum

The second day of their visit (December 27th), we took Tasha and Grandma to the Chrildren's Museum. Anna wasn't very thrilled with her penguin costume.

Kip, on the other hand, really got into the raccoon puppets.

Using our height and number advantage, we managed to build a complete foam block archway - which promptly fell down. But we heard from some other museum attendees that no one else had been able to do it at all, so we felt better.

And Grandma and William had fun building earthquake-proof block structures together.

Grandma and Tasha's Visit - at home

We were all excited to have Grandma and Aunt Tasha visit after Christmas. Anna was thrilled to get yet another pink dress AND a pink dress-up princess dress!

William was thrilled to show Grandma how much he loves playing the Game Cube games she sent him.

Everyone enjoyed playing Hullabaloo together.

And Kristin may someday forgive Grandma for taking her picture while super prego. Luckily, it only shows her from the front!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Ultrasound 2

This week we got to have another ultrasound. It was to make sure the baby was big enough, although between the time we scheduled it and the actual occurrence, the baby shifted positions and no longer seemed small at all. But the ultrasound itself answered many of our pressing questions. First, baby #3 is still a girl. In spite of the fact that I've had more dreams about baby boys than girls, this one is definitely not a boy. Second, she has long legs. I don't have the full doctor's review of the event, but the technician mentioned that her leg bones showed she would definitely be tall. She also printed me a picture of her foot and it looks long long long to me. I think she may have been trying to tell me delicately that I might want to bring baby socks that aren't the super-tiny newborn size when I go to the hospital to deliver this girly. That was a mistake we made with William and Kip had to go home to get something bigger that could actually cover his entire foot. Finally, we learned that the Killpack baby cheeks are something that develop in utero. This little baby is already blessed with super chunky cheeks. They looked pretty cute in the ultrasound images. Unfortunately, there weren't any really good pics from the ultrasound because baby 3 was balled up and refused to move (when she's asleep she's really out, but when she's awake there's no stopping her). But we trust she'll be a cutey when she comes out.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


We had a very merry Christmas. Here are the photo highlights.

William and Anna start the process of destruction.

William at work.

Anna with a few of her favorite new things.

Daddy showing the kids how to use their pull-poppers.

Christmas Eve

We had Josh, Rachel and their kids Emma and Gabe over for dinner on Christmas Eve. The meal was great, but during play time after we ate, Emma jumped off the sofa head-first into the fireplace. She had to be rushed to the ER for some super-gluing. We kept Gabe here and played until they made it back.

When they returned we had the kids open select presents and then we herded them to their homes and beds. We're sorry about Emma's accident and we hope she'll come back again to play here - just no jumping on the couch.

Kip amusing the kids with a game of launch the foam blocks by the dangerous fireplace.

Gabe, William, Anna and Mommy opening gifts.

Anna showing how nice it is to get jammies that match your favorite hat and gloves.


William and I got to make 2 gingerbread houses this year. The first was at his preschool. We used pint size milk cartons and graham crackers to build our house and put on steeple/chimneys made from ice cream cones. The second one we built from a kit. The frosting was too thick so we thinned it and made it too runny, but I didn't feel like fixing it. I thought the houses both turned out great!