Friday, January 04, 2008

Ultrasound 2

This week we got to have another ultrasound. It was to make sure the baby was big enough, although between the time we scheduled it and the actual occurrence, the baby shifted positions and no longer seemed small at all. But the ultrasound itself answered many of our pressing questions. First, baby #3 is still a girl. In spite of the fact that I've had more dreams about baby boys than girls, this one is definitely not a boy. Second, she has long legs. I don't have the full doctor's review of the event, but the technician mentioned that her leg bones showed she would definitely be tall. She also printed me a picture of her foot and it looks long long long to me. I think she may have been trying to tell me delicately that I might want to bring baby socks that aren't the super-tiny newborn size when I go to the hospital to deliver this girly. That was a mistake we made with William and Kip had to go home to get something bigger that could actually cover his entire foot. Finally, we learned that the Killpack baby cheeks are something that develop in utero. This little baby is already blessed with super chunky cheeks. They looked pretty cute in the ultrasound images. Unfortunately, there weren't any really good pics from the ultrasound because baby 3 was balled up and refused to move (when she's asleep she's really out, but when she's awake there's no stopping her). But we trust she'll be a cutey when she comes out.

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Rachel's Roost said...

Kristen, When is this baby due? Mine's due in 7 weeks. I'm begining to count the moments. . . good luck! Rachel