Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Days of Music

How many days of music do you have? We recently went digital by ripping our 350+ CDs to mp3. It took FOREVER! Now we stream them to our living room stereo on our Apple Airport Extreme and control the music from there with a little usb remote! Thanks Chad for guidance on the airport.

This is one of the two boxes we filled to the brim. Say goodbye to our CDs!

The Votes are In...

According to blip.tv (which is generously hosting our Super Mario Trombones video) we have had 12,907 viewings!

Out of those viewings, we received comments from 33 people who had gmail or blogger accounts and are outspoken enough to write their opinions online. We had comments from Ohio, Utah, Florida, Oregon, Nebraska, California, Minnesota, Quebec, and Australia (plus a lot of unknowns). Survey says...

7 negative
3 neutral
23 positive

Judging from our small outspoken crowd, I'd say 8,995 people loved the video! Way to go bones!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Super Mario Trombones

This Sunday (March 19th) Oregon Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra performed at the Mt Angel Performing Arts Center.  The Trombone section took the opportunity to perform a Super Mario Theme music arrangement made by one of the members of the trombone section of our sister city's orchestra in Sapporo, Japan.  Sorry the camera moves around.  I wanted an unobstructed view so I stood but I didn't have anything to keep the camera steady.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


To me! Thanks everyone who contributed to my present which finally came today - a Canon PowerShot SD800 IS! It totally rocks! What can I say... less than a second from hitting the 'on' button til it's ready to shoot pictures. And the image stabilization lets me take shots in room lighting (no flash) and still get sharp images - not that blurry mess I used to get. So here are a few of my first photos with the camera - all with no flash. It only came with a 16MB memory card so about 8 shots and it is full. I'll have to remedy that situation soon!

A self portrait:

A different kind of self portrait:

And Butch gave me an Asian Lung to build...

Pretty good shots, eh?