Sunday, December 03, 2006

Disneyland Blog... been done before

As Chad told me, "the Disneyland blog has been done to death". But Kristin says that if I'm going to be on the computer now I should be doing something productive.

For those who don't know - we had a Killpack family reunion in California. It was a blast! We entered the park and first thing - William HAD to ride the train. We rode that train quite a bit for the 3 days we were there. The next two rides we tried were a disaster and I think it kind of ruined Williams trust in us - he'll be scarred for life. First the haunted mansion was really loud and dark, so we had to bail out before the car part. And then splash mountain freaked William out. So the rest of the time we stuck to the mellow rides (even though William was tall enough to ride any ride he wanted).

Rather than a play by play of all three days I'm just gonna put up some of my favorite pics...

The last ride we did was Autopia - Anna and I were in front - and I took this while driving...

The raft ride out to Tom Sawyer's island

Anna on Tom Sawyer's island

Loungin' around on TSI. This is also where Kristin was breast feeding Anna when the big boat came around the corner and all the people waved.

Tea-cup ride - we didn't spin it like madmen

Anna didn't particularly enjoy the train ride

William and Grandma did

The C