Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Day 2 in San Jose

The second day we rode the train to a small playground near Kevin and Jesse's place. I caught a shot of William as the train approached... does he look excited?

Part of the playground was under construction and the workers kindly left their roller out for the kids to play on. Everyone had to have a turn:

After the park, we went to the San Jose Children's Museum. That place rocked! It puts our Oregon children's museum to shame. There was a section with water AND balls - William and Anna were in heaven. I especially like the shot of Anna with the splashing water and the balls balancing on the top of the water streams.

I was going to leave it out, but I had to show this water tornado that the kids would throw balls in. They would get sucked down and then pop out the bottom to float down into another section...
It was a lot of fun seeing Kevin and his family. Lots of thanks to them for showing us around the area, suggesting fun activities and good food, and letting us hang out at their place for yummy waffles and lots of kiddie toys.

Guess Whose Footprints

California Dreamin'

We went to California last week. Our first stop was San Jose to visit my best friend from high school: Kevin Anderson, and his wife and daughter Jesse and Evelyn. It was great to see them. Especially to see Evelyn and Anna play together (or fight together as it seems most toddlers do).

The first day we went to the Zoo - and then to the beach. This is Jesse, Evelyn, Kristin, Anna, and William at the Zoo.

We rode the zoo train - which William loved!

After to zoo, we headed to the beach and had a blast there - Evelyn got to go home and take a nap, so we went without the Andersons. It was a LONG walk down to the beach...

We waded into the water even though it was pretty cold. It was about like summer at the Oregon coast.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Our Halloween was a ton of fun. First, we went to the Intel party on Thursday night with Butch and Jo and their kids. Their two boys were firemen, as was William. They were sure cute all together. Jo and I took some of the kids on Monday to the Childrens Museum Halloween party. Anna and William had a blast playing trains, of course. Anna also enjoyed biting the tip off a marker and chewing it up while William and I made a paper plate mask.

Finally, we went to the ward's Trunk or Treat on Tuesday night. We would have done the door to door thing, but it was desperately cold. Instead, we posed for pictures and went rushing inside to munch on candy all night.