Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Easter

The kids were so cute in their Easter clothes, we had to take pictures. We had a lovely day and enjoyed celebrating the resurrection of our Savior.

Easter Eggs

We decided to dye easter eggs this year. The kids had a lot of fun with it, especially with the part where they got to decorate the eggs with car stickers and drive them on their little car bases. Unfortunately, Anna drove the bus off the table and cracked it. It wasn't pretty.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Brush with Greatness

Becca had a brush with greatness last night. She was kissed by David Ogden Stiers, or Charles Emerson Winchester, III, as I think of him.

It happened at my orchestra concert. I didn't play in this session. Rebecca was born two weeks before rehearsals started and, knowing I tend to get sick during the first 2-3 months, I opted out. When I got the program flyer I wanted to cry. David Ogden Stiers was narrating Peter and the Wolf. Oh, that would have been wonderful to play! Of course, there's only one flute part so I wouldn't have been in it, but I still could have been there. And he conducted 2 encore pieces. I would have been in those. What fun it would have been! But it really was better that I chose not to be in this concert. I did end up sick and wouldn't have wanted to try to learn the crazy piccolo part on the Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody while feeling like I wanted to die.

Kip and I showed our support to the orchestra by attending the concert. During the intermission we went down to the stage so I could say hello to my subs, Marc and Adrian. Well, one was my sub, one was covering a third part. When we reached the stage, they were in the wings talking with Mr. Stiers. I hadn't intended to talk to him. What would I say that wouldn't leave me looking like an idiot? "Hey, you were great in MASH"? Everyone knows that. But there he was, so I introduced myself as the regular piccolo player, skipping out on that concert to recover from having a baby. He admired Rebecca (of course - she is adorable) and even gave her a kiss on her cute little head.

I'll admit, I was a little shaken by the experience. It's wasn't that he was a scary person to talk to; he seemed quite nice. But after years of watching MASH reruns, I see him and feel like I know him almost as wells as part of my own family. I see him and think of the years of watching MASH with my siblings late at night and the talks we had during commercials (back when we couldn't skip them), the quiet conversations we shared and how it brought us closer together. He was a part of that, but not really. And there he was in real life as a real person in front of me not aware he connected with all those things I remembered. It was an odd sensation.

The concert was really good and I enjoyed being able to watch it instead of playing in it. I was impressed with how the orchestra sounded. I feel very lucky to be a part of such a great group. And I look forward to starting rehearsals again in April.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Baby Rebecca Smiles

Baby Rebecca has figured out how to smile. I think it's so cute, I had to post some pics for you all to enjoy.

Anna is convinced that Rebecca is her little toy. Wherever Rebecca is, Anna wants to be in her face yelling "Hi Rebecca" with all her might or grabbing her head or arms. William generally leaves her alone, although he tries to help her out whenever she gets upset. "Rebecca," he says, "there's no need to cry. You love us!"

Rebecca smiling for us all.

The Three Killpacks: William, Rebecca and Anna enjoying the blanket Grandma made.

Grammy's Visit

Grammy came to see us the first week of February, 2 weeks after Rebecca was born. We had a good visit, although we didn't do much other than sit around and enjoy the baby and her big brother and sister.

Grammy and Rebecca.

Grammy and all the kiddos.

Grammy, Becca and Will.


It snowed just a little on the 30th of January. Kip helped the kids gather the little bit of snow off the lawn to make a cute little snowman. They had a lot of fun.