Monday, August 21, 2006

Type me a letter

For Anna's birthday, Kip gave her a computer keyboard with the cord cut off. She loves to sit at it and pound on the keys. When Kip gives it to her, he always asks her to type him a letter. The other day, William sat down at it and asked me if I wanted him to type me a letter. I told him I would love that.

"What letter do you want me to type, Mommy?" he asked.

Kids see things so literally!

Birthday Girl

Anna is 12 months old! Her birthday was August 7th. She had a great time at her party with lots and lots of friends over and got plenty of fun presents. She loves the dollies she got. She swings them around and bites their heads. It's great. And she loves the books and Little People things. She's a lucky girl. She wasn't so sure about her cake at first, but she liked it in the end.