Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cake Party

We had friends over for cake on Saturday the 9th. Anna wanted a pony cake, so I made a sand castle cake from Family Fun magazine, colored it pink and stuck miniature My Little Ponies on it. It was a hit.


Anna turned 3 on August 7th. It was a fun day. She got lots of princess things and My Little Pony things and a few Barbie things. She's a very y . It was a good day for her.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Newest Member of our Family

We gained a new family member this weekend. I finally found us a piano fit for our home, or at least our long legs. In all honesty, it's a little beat up and it's definitely seen better days. A lot of them. We've determined that it was born in the year 1900. We'll get it fixed up and hopefully have many happy years together.

Ward Campout 2008

Our ward campout was the 25th of July. We borrowed Rachel and Josh's tent, as usual, and drove out to Kilchis River Park by Tillamook, OR. We got there pretty late and started setting up camp. Rebecca watched from her blanket.

In the morning we enjoyed the ward breakfast and then played at the river. It was very cold - in the 50s - and raining lightly. The kids didn't mind; throwing rocks in the water was just as fun in the rain as in the sun. Some of the heartier ward teens braved the water in spite of the chill. They were very impressive.

Rebecca had a hard night. She fell asleep in my arms but every time I laid her down she snapped awake and cried at me. Eventually I put her in my air bed to sleep with me and Anna, who refused a sleeping bag of her own in favor of kicking me all night. In the warmer air of morning, Becca slept just fine snuggled up under all my blankets.

While Becca napped, we burned the rest of our wood and broke camp. When she woke we headed home.

Pink Dresses

Our little s sure look good in pink!

4th Of July

We had a lovely 4th of July. The weather was perfect--overcast and cool. We went to the parade in Hillsboro with our friends Rachel and Josh and their kids Emma and Gabe. The kids loved waving their flags and did an excellent job collecting candy.

For fireworks we went to a neighborhood close by our house. They did a great display. Unfortunately, the booms were too much for Anna - we were pretty close to the front. She cried herself to sleep on Kip's lap soon after it started. Becca missed it all, too, falling asleep under the nursing blanket taking care of her baby business. The rest of us enjoyed the show.