Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kansas, Pt 2

On Friday we all went to Rock River Rapids. It was great. What a fun water park and so very close to Robin's house! The kids were a little nervous at first, but really had a blast once they got used to the water.

Becca showed off her new swimsuit by napping in it in the shade.

William and Anna liked splashing in the water.

The squirty fish was a lot of fun.

Kansas Trip

We had a lovely time on our trip to Kansas last week. It started out rough with us missing our 7am flight. We got to the ticket counter 15 minutes after they cut off check-in (45 minutes before take-off). Yeah, we'd cut it too close. But it's never been a problem before.

We rode the MAX into Portland to read stories at the downtown Library after finally checking in our bags at 10am.

When we finally made it to Kansas, things got a lot better. Robin took us to the Exploration Place. It totally rocked. The kids had a blast and the play areas were really neat. And it was almost completely empty for some reason. Do Kansans not realize what a treasure they have there?

Anna joined Zach and Quinn to play flight simulator. I think Zach made this face because Quinn was crashing the plane.

Zach got really good at pulling bubbles over people.

Becca liked eating the horse's mane. I can tell she's going to be a great horsewoman someday.

William and Lili enjoyed the boat in the little kid area.

Last day of Preschool

William had his last day of Preschool on June 9th. He was sad to leave his class behind. He had a lot of fun at Young Learner's Preschool. I'm glad we put him in school there.

Here he is saying goodbye to Aneesha, Teachers Gloria and Jenny, and Anna. Oh wait, Anna wasn't in his class. She just wanted to be in the picture.

Saturday, June 07, 2008


Anna adores her little sister to the point of smothering her. They're really cute together. And we just can't get enough PINK in our house.

Lego Birthday Party

We had a lego-themed birthday party for William on Saturday the 31st. All the kids got to build a race-car when they arrived, then they raced them down a ramp Kip built out of a box. When the racing wound down, we all went outside for a lego-hunt. We had hidden the big lego quattros in the yard for the kids to find. Then, we ate lego cake and played until the parents came back for their kids. William had a blast. Thanks to everyone who came!

Birthday Boy

A lego cake.

Cooper's crazy burned hand.

Istook kids, Anna, and Cameron eating cake.

Emma, Adam, Aneesha, and Ian on the swing.

William is 5!

William celebrated his 5th birthday on May 29th. He got his first little legos and instructions to keep them from his lego-eating baby sister. He loved building his Star Wars ship and then tearing it apart to build random ships of his own design. He also loved his cool gifts from his grandparents. It was a great birthday.

Tummy Time

Becca's been getting tummy time every day. We think she's pretty cute about it.