Tuesday, March 13, 2007


To me! Thanks everyone who contributed to my present which finally came today - a Canon PowerShot SD800 IS! It totally rocks! What can I say... less than a second from hitting the 'on' button til it's ready to shoot pictures. And the image stabilization lets me take shots in room lighting (no flash) and still get sharp images - not that blurry mess I used to get. So here are a few of my first photos with the camera - all with no flash. It only came with a 16MB memory card so about 8 shots and it is full. I'll have to remedy that situation soon!

A self portrait:

A different kind of self portrait:

And Butch gave me an Asian Lung to build...

Pretty good shots, eh?


Josh Bancroft said...

Congrats, and happy birthday!

That is a stellar camera, you're going to love it. I have it's predecessor, the SD700IS, and the Image Stabilization feature will change the way you shoot pictures. Seriously. I never use the flash anymore, unless I specifically want it for a shot. And I love the speed, too! Get a big fat SD card for it (NewEgg has 4GB cards for like $50), and you'll be able to hold thousands of shots, or an hour plus of video.

Enjoy! :-)

rubysunflower said...

So exactly HOW did the camera take a photo of itself? THAT's technology!

Fat Bunny said...