Saturday, January 26, 2008

The new babe is 3 days early!

Rebecca Jo Killpack was born around 4 AM Jan 26, 2008. She is 7 pounds 15.9 ounces... not even 8 pounds :) She's 21 inches long, with HUGE feet and LONG legs.

Kristin looks great! She's getting bored at the hospital and will come home Sunday or Monday. She took a shower at 10 PM during labor and she was the nicest looking woman in labor I have ever seen!

William and Anna were very cute with the baby!

Actually we had surprise twins...

Almost cracking a smile


Papa Kevin said...

Congratulations Kristin, Kip, Anna and William on the new member of your family! Rebecca looks very appealing, makes me think of Javin a little (that's Cory's son, right?).

I like that shot of Kip's almost smile--the no sleep daze. I'm really amused by the bumped stick figures.

Did you notice the line in our blog about Jesse's morning (mourning) sickness?

Janean said...

She's just beautiful. Congratulations, you guys!