Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ye Old Klunker

The Killpack hand-me-down TV finally degraded beyond all hope. For a long time the picture was tilted slightly down to the right. Finally this week, the colors went totally out of whack. All greens turned brown, and every other color was washed out. So naturally we took this as an opportunity to upgrade to a 42" flat screen Plasma HDTV! Whooo!

The colors look awesome! In fact, we realized the colors on the old one have been going bad slowly for the past year or so. We almost feel like we should tone the colors down because Thomas the Tank Engine is so vibrant.

I've been spending hours playing with my "new toy". Kris is getting totally sick of all my geek-speak about HD this, DVR that, HD channels OTA, digital signals, iTV, blah blah blah.

I don't know who is next on the Killpack TV hand-me-down list, but we have your TV in our garage.

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rubysunflower said...

I think it goes to Quesi . . .