Saturday, September 16, 2006

Family Update

Long overdue, but here we go...

Anna started walking about 2 weeks ago and now she is tearing it up!

We all got sick with a nasty head cold and everyone got better - except that I developed a sinus infection. I realized that I get about 2 sinusitus a year caused by head-colds and I need to talk to the doc about how to prevent it next time. I don't remember getting a lot in Utah - did I ma?

I presented my latest work at DTTC in San Jose (internal Intel conference) a few weeks ago and it went really well.

Kristin starts orchestra again next Tuesday - she is so happy to have some 'away' time.

William is starting pre-school... sort of. Kris is doing a 4-family home-school class about once a week with kids in the neighborhood.

Anna is more vocal about what she wants at dinner. She'll point and say 'dat'. And she shakes her head 'no' if you try to give her the wrong thing.

William loves to build puzzles, legos, block towers, and train tracks. Civil Engineer perhaps?

I removed you all from being members of this blog and opened up comments to anyone with a blogger account - comment to your heart's content!


rubysunflower said...

no, Kip, you didn't get the bi-yearly head cold when you were in Utah. Hmmmmm. What's the message there . . .

rubysunflower said...

bi-yearly = twice a year