Monday, January 09, 2012

Anna's Birthday, pt 2

Anna officially turned 6 on August 7, 2011. Here she is on her birthday throne before tearing into her presents.

And here she is with her birthday gifts. She has spent hours playing with the shrinky dinks and the magnetic dolls. It was a great year for presents!
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Anna's 6th Birthday! pt 1

The first part of Anna's 6th birthday celebration happened a day early. We took her on August 6th to Out of This World Pizza in Hillsboro with her 2 best friends, Lily and Tristan. We ate pizza and had cake and the kids had a ton of fun running around on the play equipment.

Here's the whole crew after devouring some cake. Tristan's in the front, then Anna, and Lily behind her. Elizabeth is in the back behind William. She's Lily's big sister and William's good friend. Becca's got cakey face, of course.

Lily, Anna, and Kip were having lots of fun!

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Pioneer Day, July24, 2011

Our stake did a Pioneer Day celebration at a local farm. There was lots of good, pioneer-style food. Oh, and shaved ice. I'm not sure pioneers had that. But we enjoyed it.

The kids did a pioneer parade. William joined, even though he'd chosen not to wear pioneer clothes. He was Anna's moral support. The marched around the barn at least 10 times.

Thank goodness for lots of water!

Becca was a super cute pioneer with her daddy!
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