Saturday, May 21, 2005

DOH! No VOIP yet :(

We finally got an apartment and DSL at home! I was so excited to set up the Vonage router and have a VOIP US phone number. We even had our Oregon home number switched over to Vonage. One small problem... a 220V system in Israel. I plugged in the router and there was a loud pop and an awful burning smell. Now I was in a new apartment with no lights, a scared 2-year-old, and no clue as to where the breaker switches were. Anyway - the router is toast! When I called Vonage the guy says, "That was really dangerous. I don't think that will fall under your warranty because it was... how do I put this... a user error." What he meant was, "Wow - that was a really stupid thing to do!" So I had to order a new Vonage box that will come via "air-mail" (hand delivered by my Mom) in early June. Sorry to everyone who was hoping to call us on the cheap. *sigh*

Learn from my mistake... 220 != 110 and always check your adapter capabilities!


P.S. Inside joke for my family... "Something bad is happening"

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