Saturday, January 28, 2006

It's been a sickly month for our little family. As I mentioned in the entry right before Christmas, William got a cold at that time. Well, since then he and Daddy and Anna have all had ear infections, Daddy's had a sinus infection, and William, Anna and I have had eye infections - twice. We all got through them once only to have a relapse. Anna has felt pretty miserable off and on. So has William, with a constant stream of snot dangling from his nose and chapping his lips and cheeks. This has made it hard to keep up on this blog. Both the kids aren't sleeping well which means Mommy isn't sleeping well. And William doesn't nap in the daytime anymore, so I don't get any breaks from him to work on the computer or my scrapbook or anything I really want to do.

In spite of all that misery, we have managed to have some good fun lately. William and Anna are both making tons of progress with development and we're very proud. Anna has learned to roll over! She first developed this skill about a week and a half ago. I took some photos of the event...But William kept getting in the way.

She's a real champ at it now and can get herself into new and exciting places.

William has developed a love of singing and often tells me that there is a song in his mouth. He then opens his mouth and points inside. This is especially fun at mealtime. Some of his favorite songs are the ABC's, the Wheels on the Bus, and the Snowman song. He seems to be learning a lot from his nursery song leader and every time we listen to the Primary Songs CD, he surprises me by singing along with new ones. He absolutely adores Anna. If she naps while he and I are awake, he asks me every five minutes "Is Anna awake?" If I say yes he says "want to go see she" (his pronouns aren't quite straight) and runs to whichever room she's in to stand over her and smile and laugh (and hit her in a way he means as hi). He loves to shake her in her bouncy seat and push her in her swing so hard that it scares me but he ignores my demands that he stop because she laughs at it. He continues to love to watch TV, with his first words every day being "want to watch a show." We're trying to limit our TV time, but when I'm tired I don't do so well with it.

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rubysunflower said...

Wish I could see Anna rolling and William singing!