Monday, July 30, 2007

Ward Campout

July 27-28 was the ward Campout. We went to a little campground outside of Tillamook Oregon. It was almost a 2 hour drive, but the area was beautiful so that made up for it. The campground was bordered by a small river, the Kilchis, in which the kids all played and got wet Saturday morning. We arrived late Friday evening and quickly set up camp. The site next to us had the Bug Family, with two kids close to William's age with whom he quickly made friends. Anna was swooped off by one of her Young Women's friends, Sarah, for most of the trip. It was pretty nice. We had a good time talking with people in the ward and getting to know them better.

Here, Anna has tasted something she apparently doesn't like.

Thanks for the loan of the tent, Rach and Josh (as usual).

William and his friend Ashley in the sand.

William, Kip, and Anna on our little walk in the woods.

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