Thursday, May 08, 2008

Becca's Blessing

Baby Rebecca got blessed in church on the 30th of March. Her Grandma was able to come spend some time with us for the event. It was nice to have her here, even just for the weekend. We thought we'd show her a good time, Oregon-style, so that she would see it was better in Oregon than in those HOT states her other kids live in. To accomplish this, we made sure it rained or hailed the entire time she visited and that the roof of the theater where we saw "Go Dog Go" performed on Saturday afternoon leaked the aforementioned rain onto our heads as we enjoyed the performance.

Becca did some singing for Grandma.

She sure loves her daddy.

Our little diva.

Becca was very upset when she learned Grandma had to go back home.

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rubysunflower said...

You know I didn't come to see OREGON. I came to see YOU all. And I had a great time!