Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day(s)

It SNOWED on Sunday, the 14th. Church was canceled. I had set a goal to be on time and there we were all ready to go when the phone rang. No church. We had a mini church meeting in the living room. William and Daddy gave talks (William had been scheduled to deliver one in Primary). I played a musical number. It was fun.

School was canceled the next day due to the ice on the roads. And the next day. So far it's Thursday and they still haven't had school yet. It snowed again Wednesday, but today was sunny and warm. I'm hoping there is school tomorrow so I can throw the Kindergarten class party I've prepared.


Ang said...

That is SO cool you guys got snow. I can't believe they canceled school that long. I mean I understand... but still! :) We're NEVER gonna see snow here in Phoenix. If it came down in flakes it would be water by the time it hit the ground. :)

rubysunflower said...

Never say Never!