Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oaks Park Day

Wednesday was the official Oaks Park Amusement Park day for Washington County Library summer reading program finishers. I called Butch and Jo that morning from swimming lessons and asked if they were going. We decided to do it. So, after a quick grocery store trip and grabbing food from McD's, we drove to the other side of Portland for some fun.

Anna really liked the spinny balloon ride.

Becca liked this car ride, until it started moving. Then she cried the whole time.

This is William with Alyssa and Spencer on William's favorite ride. (It made Spencer almost puke.)

Becca loved riding on this carousel horse - the kind that didn't go up and down. She kept leaning over to pet its face and laugh while we went around and around.

And this is the downpour that caught us as we tried to head back to our car.

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