Friday, February 25, 2011

Becca's Dance Class

Becca and Anna are taking dance classes at the rec center right now. They both love them. Becca has been a little hesitant to participate in hers unless I participate with her. The teacher said that was just fine if some of the kids had their moms dance with them. There were about 3 of us the first week. The second week there were only 2, me and one other mom. The third week there were at least 30 parents sitting on the bench at the back of the classroom and just me dancing with the 15 kids in front of them all. I was a little self-conscious. I'm not as flexible as the teacher and sometimes not as coordinated as the 3-year-olds. This last week I convinced her to let me take pictures while she danced. We'll see if that works again next time we go.


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