Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Epcot, May 2, 2011


We arrived at Epcot just in time to head to Italy for lunch with the family. We ate at a nice restaurant and lunch was pretty good. Becca especially loved having her Grandma close by.


After lunch, we hit the Test Track. Kip joined Jenny, Tyler and their older boys to do the car-ride. I took Preston, our kids, and Max and Abby so Angie, Chad, Grandma and Tasha could do Soarin'. We went to the fairy park and enjoyed the play structure.


Next, we handed off the kids young kids to Chad and Angie and Kip and I took William, Preston, Anna, and Abby on Soarin'. We followed by meeting back with Chad and co to do their 3rd round of Nemo in a row. Wahoo!



We cooled off in the afternoon with a nice boat ride in Mexico and then ate dinner there.


Before the fireworks, Kip took William on a secret Kim Possible mission while I took the kids around to color their bears in the different countries. William thought the Kim Possible mission was the best thing all day. The girls were thrilled to get to color with markers. It was all good. And the fireworks were pretty amazing. I decided Epcot was my favorite park. It doesn't have the thrill rides and kid rides of Magic Kingdom, but the things to see are really neat and the little acitivities like Kip Possible and country treasure hunts are really fun. We hardly touched the options available to us. I'd like to have done another day there.
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