Monday, March 21, 2011

William's Recital - March 19th


William had a piano recital on the 19th of March. He practiced a ton and really liked his songs. He played pieces called Springtime 1 and Springtime 2. They used both hands! He got up and performed them without getting nervous at all. It was really a great performance.


We all enjoyed the performance, and the girls especially liked the cookies afterwards.
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St Patrick's Day 2011



I decided to celebrate St Patrick's Day this year with some green food items. After William got home from school, the kids got to eat green frosted cupcakes (store bought - I mean, I'm only willing to do so much!) for snack. Then, for dinner we had Green French Toast. I thought it was pretty cute. I was afraid the kids wouldn't go for it, but they actually had fun with it.
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Anna in Princess Dance Class

Anna's last Princess Dance class was on the 15th. She really enjoyed the class and did great following the teacher's instructions. I was very proud of her. Becca enjoyed coloring out in the hall during her class and trying to get me to stop filming during the last day...

Kip's Birthday 2011


Somehow this is the only picture from Kip's birthday. I made the cake. Kip frosted it. It was devil's food with chocolate chips added and chocolate frosting. He said it was good, but I couldn't eat it because of the fact that it was made almost entirely of ingredients I'm allergic to. I made myself something else to eat - I can't remember what at the moment...

Kip had a good birthday. He got Dominion Prosperity, which we haven't been able to play yet because he's working like a maniac every night and weekend and on Sundays church is later so we don't have our lazy afternoons anymore. He also got a rocket and the kids can't wait for nice weather (and Dad not to be working weekends) so they can go launch it in the field by the school. Grandma got the bishop to give him the Grilled Cheese Sandwich at his Sunday morning meeting. It was really nice. (wink, wink)

So, I think he had a good birthday. I feel bad about the state of that cake, but as long as it tasted good, that's what matters, right?
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