Tuesday, August 04, 2015

On the way to Cappadoccia

We went from Istanbul to Ankara to spend some time with my sister and her cute little man. After a day relaxing there, we did a little trip to Cappadocia.  It takes about 2 1/2 hours to drive there from Ankara. We took a little longer because we stopped at the Salt Lake. It was a big lake.  It took probably half an hour to drive past it. The weather was hot. You walk past the vendor stalls to get out onto the beach. They put salt scrub on your hands as you pass then you have to go wash it in their sink and they try to sell you some to take home. I was tempted.

The beach is covered with what looks like bright white sand. But it's really white chunks of salt. As I neared the water, I  removed my shoes. The salt chunks were sharp, uncomfortable to walk on. I waded out a little way into the water, found Kip and the girls who had gotten out there faster than me, then turned back.

Walking in the salty water had splashed it up onto our legs. It dried quickly in the heart, leaving white salty residue up to our knees. As we walked back to the car, I saw a poster advertising 'migraine salt.' I never pass up a migraine remedy. I went back down, holding my hands up and out of reach of the men with the salt scrub and asked for the 'migren tuzu.' They directed me to the right spot and I bought some. It's some sort of stick of peppermint that you rub on your head when you feel headachey. I assume there's salt in there, too.  I got to try it out a few days later. It felt nice.

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Janean said...

Migraine salt sounds wonderful. I'll have to get some, too.