Friday, December 23, 2005

Before Christmas

‘Twas two days before Christmas and in every room
William’s snot rags were dirty, the poor boy filled with gloom.

He’d come down with a cold only two days before
And I bet you can guess what I’ll ask Santa for:

For my son to get healthy, to sleep through the night,
For his cries, not for sadness, but filled with delight.

Every apple juice bottle was filled up with care
In hopes the mixed meds would bring relief there.

At last he is sleeping while the MoTab Choir sings
I’m enjoying the peace that his silent rest brings.

Little Anna is fussy for she too wants to sleep
So I guess I'll shop later for this year's Christmas Feast.


rubysunflower said...

I'd say Momma is also filled with gloom! Thots and prayers for a quick recovery (to BOTH of you).

rubysunflower said...

cute poem, Kris!