Monday, December 19, 2005

My Talented Wife

Kristin has been busy decorating our house with Christmas cheer. She even finished sewing her Christmas mantle cover. It was a complicated process and she is very proud of it. I tease her because it was a 2-year project, but it really did turn out nice. I had to show off her handywork on the blog. Here's the cover along with our olive wood nativity scene carved by none other than Omar!

On a completely different subject... Did you know they had man eating sharks in Bethlehem? I was in the process of setting up a shark-eating-baby scene when I dropped the shark and broke his tail :( I guess that's what you get for blaspheming.

1 comment:

rubysunflower said...

Nice mantle cover, Kristin!

My condolences for the shark's tail!