Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I have a calling too...

Since EVERYONE seems to be posting their callings I thought I'd remind you that I am a primary worker. There is a reason they call it that... "worker". Because we are basically the worker bees - sent out to do the bidding of the primary presidency queens (one of which happens to be Kristin). Many of the teachers were missing last week so I was demoted to junior primary to cover for the two missing CTR7 teachers. We played charades - acting out the plagues that Moses inflicted on the Egyptians. It worked well till we ran out of plagues and one of the boys started running across the room and slamming himself into the wall... then back across and slam into the door... then back to the wall. That's when I bore a brief testimony about Moses and the priesthood and moved on to hangman for the final 10 minute stretch.

At least in junior sharing time I was considered a 'visitor' and got to choose the action for "Do As I'm Doing". We stomped!

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