Monday, May 22, 2006

Road Trip, Pt 2

The second half of our Utah Visit was spent with the Sandy part of the family. On our way down from Kaysville, we stopped and let the kids see Temple Square in Salt Lake. William really enjoyed the visit (in spite of being over-tired and prone to crankiness) and now calls the Salt Lake Temple his temple. Its picture now hangs over his bed.

The reason we chose this particular time to visit Utah was that all of Kip's family would be there for various college graduation ceremonies. It was a wonderful opportunity to see all the cousins, Aunts and Uncles. Of course, although we were there for graduations, we did not manage to attend either of the ceremonies. Instead, we hung out with our kids and relaxed, which was a treat. Unfortunately, Anna got sick the last few days and spent a good amount of time looking miserable. She wasn't in the best frame of mind for getting to know her cousins. William, on the other hand, had a blast playing with Jenny's boys. And Daddy especially enjoyed the Saturday evening game of Bocci.

We started our return drive Sunday evening, after family dinner. Unfortunately, none of us had gotten great sleep during the trip, so we started out a little more exhausted than we had been on the drive down. This made our drive a little more challenging. Our driving shifts were shorter and we stopped several times at rest stops so both of us could sleep. Unfortunately, with the car not moving, the kids would wake up after about an hour, so our naps weren't ever as long as we would have liked. But we made it home safe and sound and were even able to get Anna in to her Pediatrician on Monday morning for her cold and eye infection.

Now, things are back to normal. Anna sleeps well some nights and not well other nights. William is great some days and cranky others. We're always busy and our garden is growing well, especially in the rain we just started having again.

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