Monday, July 10, 2006

Congratulations to Italy

In honor of the World Cup, Kip and William dressed up in their matching England jerseys and let me take their picture. We had a lot of fun watching the games, especially the ones we recorded off the Spanish channel because they weren't shown on ABC. We didn't actually watch most of them. After we heard the scores the next day, we lost interest in watching. But we enjoyed the ones we saw before the outcome was ruined by the newscasters.

Early in the series Kip asked me who I thought would win. Scanning the listed competitors, I answered, "Italy, of course." When Kip told me he supported Brazil, I amended my answer. How could Italy win against the likes of Brazil and Argentina? Alas, my gut feeling was correct. I've got to learn to go with that...


Janean said...

I'm going to the RSL vs. Madrid game next week. I'll get to see Beckham (if he's there)! Maybe he'll even play. ;)

Janean said...

Jeremy says: If Kip is such a Brazil fan, why is he wearing an England jersey? Plus, Brazil played some lousy soccer this WC. Of course, Italy played the worse game of soccer in the final, but has a great defense.

Beckham will definitely be there—but he might not play, since he was injured in the Portugal game.

We'll also be seeing Italy's star defender Cannaro, the great Dutch striker Ruud Van Nistelrooy and, if you're really a Brazil fan, center defensive midfielder Emmerson. Plus tons of of other WC players.