Friday, June 22, 2007

San Diego Day 1

June 2 was the first day of our San Diego Trip. We had flown down the night before and discovered that Anna is really not fond of airplanes. As soon as we took off she started screaming that she wanted to get off and trying everything she could think of to get away from us. Not fun. I got a migraine during the ordeal and didn't manage to shake it with my regular medicines, so I spent day 1 crashed in the hotel reconsidering whether I'd already met my life's goals and it could all end and I'd be OK. Luckily, the pain eventually went away and things didn't look so bleak anymore. Meanwhile, the kids and Kip picked up our San Diego Go Cards and went to the aquarium. They had a good time. They enjoyed the water play areas and Kip and Anna got eaten by a shark but William had too much good sense to let it get him.

When they were done at the aquarium they went to the temple grounds and enjoyed the peaceful setting. Then, they came back and we all went to dinner at a hole-in-the-wall Mexican place that was really good.

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