Monday, June 25, 2007

San Diego Day 4

Our 4th Day in San Diego was spent touring all the museums in Balboa Park. We started with the Model Railroad Museum. It was really neat with all the different sizes of model trains and some very creative track lay-outs. William had too much fun and mortified me by having an accident in the wooden train kids play area. We rushed out of there (after borrowing some paper towels from the front desk) and back to the hotel for a clean-up. Then, we hit the Aerospace Museum and the Natural History Museum. William wasn't as interested in them, but the Natural History Museum had a big-screen movie on oceans he enjoyed and it allowed Anna to get an hour's nap in the stroller in the dark theater. When the museums closed we spent some time playing by the fountain in the center of the pedestrian way and ate some snacks. Then, we went to the hotel for dinner. Daddy couldn't join us, so we ended up getting take-out from McDonalds and eating a picnic on the floor of our hotel room.

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