Friday, January 09, 2009

Christmas in Utah - Getting There

Christmas day we flew to Utah. After all the snow here, we feared we wouldn't get out of Portland, but flights were heading out by Christmas morning and our hopes were high. We got to the airport, checked our bags, and went to the play area near our gate to wait for our flight. Everything went fine. We boarded the plane and headed to Utah. We even made better-than-expected time and neared Utah early. Then, things turned sour. The storms that had caused so much trouble in Portland had reached Salt Lake and the airport was having trouble. We had to circle for 45 minutes before a runway could be cleared for us to land. At least they didn't head us somewhere else! I was scared for a while. Instead, all of us except William ended up napping during the 45 minute circle-time. In the end, Grandma and Uncle Cory were there to pick us up and drive us home through the snow.

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