Saturday, January 24, 2009

Christmas Legos!

As soon as we were back in Oregon, William begged to have Daddy help him build his Lego cargo plane. It took some work, but they got it done.

Funny things the kids have said this month (January 2009):

Sunday afternoon Kip and the kids were in the family room while I finished feeding Becca in the kitchen. William asked Kip, "What do you want to do, Dad?" He replied tiredly, "I want to run away." William's face lit up and he said, "OK, Dad, I'll chase you!" and proceeded to run toward him and tag him. We all burst out laughing and he looked at us wondering why.

After a visit to the dentist last Monday, Anna went through her take-home baggie in the family room. She pulled out a tube of Kid's Crest and, in her sweetest soft, high-pitched princess voice, said, "I got toothpaste, too! Isn't that just AWESOME!"


Janean said...

I wish you lived closer so I could hear the cute things your kids say!

Janean said...

Kristin, I want to read your "Rebecca and the walker" post but every time I click the link from the list I'm following I get an error message and this entry about the lego plane is the newest one that comes up. What's up with that? I want to read about Rebecca!

Christy said...

I kind of blog-stalked you from Jennie's blog. But I invited you to ours, so I hope it's ok I am reading yours. I am going to add you to our blog list, too. So I hope that's ok.

Kristin said...

Yeah, Christy, read away.

Janean, Blogger never succeeded in downloading the video of becca walking, so I posted it on facebook instead. It just kind of froze on me and now that post doesn't even show up. Sorry.