Sunday, February 15, 2009

Becca's First Birthday - Museum

Monday the 26th of January was Becca's first birthday. Since Beaverton kindly canceled school that day (it was a teacher workday or something), we decided to celebrate. The Istooks joined us and we all went to the Children's Museum. It was great. Most of the school districts were still in session, so the Museum was not at all crowded. The kids loved the Bob the Builder exhibit and the water room. They enjoyed the supermarket, hospital and baby dolls. But they had the best time on the stage. They stayed there so long dressing up in costumes, controlling the lights and playing the instruments that Butch was even able to get a little nap.

The water area, Anna, Becca and Rachel.

Anna, Alyssa and William. Anna liked to gather all the flowers she found and carry them with her.

I think we surprised Anna when we caught her and Alyssa playing with the dolls.

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