Friday, May 22, 2009

Shearing the sheep

We finally broke down and shaved off William's overgrown hair on Tuesday night. While we were out in the yard doing it, we decided to give Becca a fresh start on hers. It's been growing in all crazy. There was getting to be some good length on top, but not on the sides. There was one clump of about 15-20 hairs behind her left ear that grew long, but the rest of that area was short as could be. It looked pretty crazy. So, we shaved it all back. I think she looks pretty cute, but now even more people think she's a boy because what parent would shave their little girl's head?


Red Dawg said...

I have heard that some Native American people shave their toddler's head because they think it makes the hair grow back thicker.

Kristin said...

Yeah, we'd had a lot of people tell us that, but a few hair-care websites swore it was an unfounded myth. We'll see what happens. It still looks better now that it's all one length.