Friday, May 22, 2009


I took the kids to OMSI today with Jo and the 4 Istook kids. Kip and I just bought a membership, so we thought it would be fun to break it today since it was a school holiday. The museum wasn't crowded at all. The Beaverton School District was the only one with the day off and according to the signs we passed near the zoo about the zoo parking lots being completely full at 11am, everyone from Beaverton choose to spend the day there. The weather was perfect, so I can't blame them (mid 70's and SUPER sunny). But it sure worked well for us! The kids had a blast. We spent the entire 3 hours of our visit in the children's area. It was perfect because we knew we could come back any time. We didn't feel like we had to try to see the whole museum in one go.

Anna spent a lot of time playing in the store/kitchen area. She loved the cash register.

William and Spencer got abosolutely soaked.

Becca looked stylin' in her OMSI boots. She didn't like wearing them, though.

But she REALLY liked splashing and getting wet.

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