Thursday, June 04, 2009

William had a Birthday!

William turned 6 on May 29th. We had some friends go bowling with us. No theme party with cool theme games and cake like last year. We just picked up a couple friends and drove to the bowling alley. We had 6 kids end up bowling and, thanks to Jo's coupons, it only cost us $6. Wahoo! When they had had enough bowling, we headed home for pizza and cake. (Actually, it was when the bowling alley threw us out because the leagues were starting and we were on a league lane. They hadn't thought 6 kids would take so incredibly long to bowl - it had been more than an hour and they were just on the 8th frame. We got more free bowling coupons out of it so no one complained.) William got a ton of Lego gifts for which he was very excited. And he enjoyed his non-Lego stuff, too.

William and Spencer and the cake.

Butch was a little cranky after working all day.

Opening gifts.

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