Friday, May 22, 2009


I took the kids to OMSI today with Jo and the 4 Istook kids. Kip and I just bought a membership, so we thought it would be fun to break it today since it was a school holiday. The museum wasn't crowded at all. The Beaverton School District was the only one with the day off and according to the signs we passed near the zoo about the zoo parking lots being completely full at 11am, everyone from Beaverton choose to spend the day there. The weather was perfect, so I can't blame them (mid 70's and SUPER sunny). But it sure worked well for us! The kids had a blast. We spent the entire 3 hours of our visit in the children's area. It was perfect because we knew we could come back any time. We didn't feel like we had to try to see the whole museum in one go.

Anna spent a lot of time playing in the store/kitchen area. She loved the cash register.

William and Spencer got abosolutely soaked.

Becca looked stylin' in her OMSI boots. She didn't like wearing them, though.

But she REALLY liked splashing and getting wet.

Shearing the sheep

We finally broke down and shaved off William's overgrown hair on Tuesday night. While we were out in the yard doing it, we decided to give Becca a fresh start on hers. It's been growing in all crazy. There was getting to be some good length on top, but not on the sides. There was one clump of about 15-20 hairs behind her left ear that grew long, but the rest of that area was short as could be. It looked pretty crazy. So, we shaved it all back. I think she looks pretty cute, but now even more people think she's a boy because what parent would shave their little girl's head?

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Reunion in Utah - Playground and Temple

On Sunday we went to church and relaxed at the condo. The kids had a blast at the play area outside our unit.

On Monday we went to the St. George Temple and had a picnic. The kids really liked the visitor's center. It was very peaceful there.

On Tuesday, we headed back up to Kaysville for dinner with the Parkers. On Wednesday, we packed back into the car and drove 13 hours back to Oregon. We were sad to leave all our family behind, but very happy to be back in our own house and get the kids back to school.

Reunion in Utah - Snow Canyon

On Saturday April 25th, our first full day of reunion, we headed to beautiful Snow Canyon. The red rocks and sand were stunning. The kids had a blast playing at the red sand dunes.

Kip took William with Grandma, Chad, Angie and Abby on a hike of the Butterfly trail. They had a great time walking and shooting immaginary aliens per William's request.

Reunion in Utah - the trip down

We drove to Utah last week. We headed from Beaverton, Oregon all the way to St George, a total of 1,080 miles according to Google Maps. It was a lot of time in the car.

On the way down we stopped at the Parker parent's house. The kids got some time with the dog and didn't do too bad with her.

Between Kaysville and St George, we stopped the the Dinosaur museum. It had a lot of neat things. The kids wished we could have spent longer.