Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Goreme in Cappadocia

After our stop at the salt lake, went the rest of the way to our hotel in Goreme (Gor-em-eh).  Goreme is fascinating. This is the part of Cappadocia I saw in pictures with a rocky landscape littered with tall rock structures called fairy chimneys.

In the town of Goreme, people have turned the fairy chimneys into hotels and shops. They've built structures around them and hotel rooms that climb up inside. Our hotel was one of these. It was a maze of hallways and staircases and rooms and a big fairy chimney in the middle of it all. Our set of rooms were in the middle of the fairy chimney (pictured above, our door on the left and the windows going out to the right).

It was nice and cool inside even though outside was hot and miserable. We had 4 cave rooms. The girls were down a set of stone steps at the door. A wooden step ladder went up to a sitting room. Bill had a little alcove room behind that and then up another set of steep stairs was the master bedroom with bathroom. It was pretty comfortable. The kids loved the drums and instruments stashed in the alcove behind the sofa. When I was recovering from an afternoon migraine one day (with some 'migren tuzu' on my head) they did a full hour concert, filmed in time lapse on my iPad. It was appreciated by the neighbors, maybe as much as by me. The big drum was Loud!


Janean said...

I can't believe you let them have a concert while you had a headache! That is what nearly drove me crazy until Jeremy's drummer agreed to move the band practice to his house. Literally crazy.

Janean said...

That cave hotel looks awesome. That would be another childhood dream to sleep in such a place. I can't wait to go to Turkey!