Thursday, May 03, 2007

"I di' it!"

Anna has been amazing me lately with her use of language. When William was the age she's at now, he could hardly say a single word, let alone full sentences. Anna, in true girly fashion (I've heard they develop a lot of skills faster than boys), is using five word sentences at 21 months old. I went into her room to get her this morning and she looked up and me and said "I jumping on the bed!" Who can reprimand someone so cute? Her favorite phrase lately is "I di' it!". She's extremely independent and very proud of her little accomplishments. I taught her to play Peggles today (a computer marble-shooting game Butch got us into last week) and each time she clicked the mouse and had the ball shoot across the screen she cried "I shoot!". It was very cute. It was even cute tonight when we were sharing a bedtime snack to look up and see two of her dollies on the table getting salted. She was pretty proud of herself for that one, too.

Meanwhile, William has reached the "Why" phase. He asks 'why' about everything I say and he follows it up with 10 or 20 more why's. And if my answer is "I don't know," he says in a very exasperated tone, "TELL me!". He won't accept the fact that Mommy might not actually know WHY something is the way it is. I know he'll get over that someday and I'll miss it, but for now it's a little annoying.

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Janean said...

What is the colorful puzzle-like thing William has?

And when do we get pics of the new house?

And what's with this stupid word verification. I'm signed in here. Shouldn't that be enough?