Sunday, May 06, 2007

Our new house

Our house sold. We had 2 offers, one 4 days after we put it on the market and one the next day. We accepted the second one. Then we were faced with the frightening situation where we had to be out of our house in a month and we didn't know where we were going. I found this house on the web.

I thought it looked pretty nice, but the price was a little high. We checked it out on Monday and someone else had made an offer on it that day. I fell in love with it immediately, so we worked with our realtor until 11pm to put together an offer to try to outbid the other family. (Sorry, whoever you were!) Our offer was accepted! Hooray! Then began the stress of addendums, disclosures, inspections and waiting for signatures and appointments. I've had a lot of migraines in the past weeks. We finaly got the inspection done Friday night. We got a long list of repairs to make, most of them fairly minor. There were two biggies, though: a new roof (we were afraid of this) and a new back door. So, we've put together a request for the seller to cover the two biggies. Now, we have to wait while they get bids and decide how to counter or accept our request. Kip's nervous, but for some reason I really think it's going to work out fine. That doesn't mean I managed to go without a migraine this weekend, though...

Here are some more pics from their sale posting. The ones I took at the inspection were OK, but I didn't get any outside shots because it was rainy.

This is the kitchen. The linoleum unfortunately goes through the kitchen to the family room. We'll have to change that when we've had time to recover from the financial shock this transaction has caused us.

This is the back yard as seen from the back door.

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Janean said...

Wow, beautiful house! I hope everything works out for this. I love the kitchen and that yard looks huge. Can't wait to see more! What town is it in, btw?