Friday, May 25, 2007

Moving On

We're really doing it. We're moving to the new house. Things got a little tense there at the end. On Tuesday we went to the "signing" and learned that the buyers of our house had somehow lost their loan. Our super-amazing realtor promised to try to work a miracle and get us in the new house anyway (without their purchase of our house, we had no money to put toward the down payment on our new house). Wednesday there was no news. Thursday I took off for a trip to the coast and the outlet mall with some friends because I couldn't take the pressure anymore. I mean, everything was scheduled - the rental truck, the electricity to go off here and on there, the water, the gas. If our buyer's new loan was a day late, our sale would most likely not go through until Tuesday and we wouldn't get to move until then. We would have to make a million phone calls and deal with a ton of stress. That day (Thursday) the realtor told us the buyers had a new loan lined up and it would probably close Friday. If there were a miracle, our purchase loan would close that day too. If not, she would work out a back-up plan to get us in our new house. Friday the new buyers' loan closed but they didn't get the info to our new house people in time, so our loan wouldn't close. Because of our seller being an attorney, he wouldn't let us rent the house without a statement from our insurance-provider stating that we claimed all liability in relation to the house even though it was not officially ours. Our insurance agent is notoriously difficult to contact and this was Friday afternoon before a long weekend. I had a sinking suspicion that he would be out of town. I was right, but he had an assistant! Hooray! The assistant drew up the required paperwork and we got the keys at 5:00. We spent the evening moving clothes and the kitchen into the new house and Kip and some friends moved a first load of stuff into the garage. Hopefully tomorrow will go as smoothly as possible. After the emotional rollercoaster of this last week, we would enjoy that.

Our new house won't have internet connection for the next few days, so it will be a while before we post again. And we head to San Diego on Friday of next week, so stay tuned for all the adventures to come!

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