Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Starting Preschool

William started preschool this week. He's going to a school not too far from our house that was suggested by a friend in the ward. He goes on Mon/Wed/Fri afternoons from 12:30-3. His teachers are Jenny and Gloria, two super-energetic women who seem to have a lot of fun things for the kids to do. His first day was Monday. I walked him in with Anna. She let go of my hand as soon as we were in the door and headed to the water table and kitchen play areas without a second thought. William clung to my leg and looked a little shy. He started quietly trying to talk his teachers ears off after I introduced him, but his head was still bowed so I'm not sure how much they heard. They got him interested in the car play mat and he was fine with me leaving. Anna cried, though, when I grabbed her and dragged her back out to the car. Today when we went for round two William went in happily and Anna again cried. "I want to go to school!" is one of her favorite phrases. I'm glad not to have kids who cling and cry about being left behind. I really wasn't as emotional about all this as I thought I'd be once the time actually came to leave my little boy. He'll have fun. If only I can get Anna to start her nap a little earlier so I don't have to wake her up and make her cranky when it's time to pick him up.

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