Monday, October 01, 2007

Yurt Camping with Intel-ites

Kip and his coworkers wanted to go camping all summer. They finally scheduled it for the weekend of September 15th. It was supposed to be cool and rainy, but luckily they got some yurts for us to stay in at Fort Stevens on the coast. We got there Friday night and built a fire and ate dinner together. The next morning we went on a walk and played in the lake, then went to the beach. Anna really liked the lake water, in spite of the chill. Neither of the kids liked the beach because the waves were too loud slamming right on the sand instead of breaking farther out and rolling slowly in like at the other beaches we usually go to.

Anna checks out the yurt.

Anna and William, Kip, Chandra and his daughter play bocci in the sand by the yurts.

Anna in the water at the lake.

Playing with kites on a sadly windless beach.

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corgela said...

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. We need it to cool off some more down here before we go camping again.