Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Apple Farm Field Trip

William's preschool went to the apple farm for a field trip last Wednesday. It was a perfect day for farm touring. It hadn't rained in a few days, so it wasn't incredibly muddy. The sky was overcast, but the rain didn't start until afternoon. William loved the hay maze. They both loved the hay ride. We got on its first run and as soon as it ended it's 15 minute tractor-pulled tour of some of the apple orchards, Anna was crying to go again. I dragged the kids to the Jumpin' Apple (big air-filled apple for kids to bounce in) but William wouldn't get in without Anna and Anna wouldn't get in at all. The kids got apple-shaped cups of cider to take home. Anna loved hers. William didn't like his at all, so I drank it. Both kids also got to take home a pumpkin from the mini pumpkin collection. I forgot the camera at the farm (unlike every other mother there), so here are some pics of the fruits of our trip. I bought a bunch of apples to take home and they are DELICIOUS!

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